Important Message: Tender for disposal of used answer scripts & waste paper material of examination branch, Nagarjuna Government College(a),Nalgonda 508001 Telangana state.

Academic Council

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Academic Council
The Academic Council approves the syllabus and the Academic Calendar of the institution. The Academic Council reviews the planning and the implementation of the autonomous examination system, evaluation, declaration of results and result analysis. Based on the recommendations of academic experts, scientists and others one MPG (Mathematics, Physics and Geology Group) English Medium group has been introduced in place of Telugu Medium to equip students with competency necessary to compete at National and Global levels. Academic Council Meeting 2015-16 Category Name & Designation
1 Chairman Dr. K. Padmavathi, Principal
2 Academic Coordinator Dr. B. Bixamaiah – Assistant Professor Of Chemistry
3 Member Sri V.Nanda Kumar – Assistant Professor Of Zoology
4 Member Sri B.Nagaraju – Assistant Professor Of Microbiology